HPW / T3T Sponsorship 2013

T3T 2013
From: T3TDragRacing.com

High Performance World Inc is happy to be a proud supporter of T3T drag racing in Dallas Texas for the 2013 season! To be eligible for the High Performance World / T3T 2013 Points Series, Perfect Reaction Time or HPW Rookie of the year, you must display the HPW 10 x 3 Point Series Decal from the first meeting right throughout the series to the final meeting.

All participants will be eligible to Receive T3T Membership Pricing; we have set up a separate Account for T3T Members so that you get the very best prices from your HPW Speed Shop (in-store only). Anyone who chooses not to run the decal may do so & will forfeit the discounted price benefits, awards & prizes.

• HPW /T3T Point Series
$500.00 HPW Voucher & T3T/HPW Letterman Jacket

• HPW Rookie of the Year 2013
$100.00 HPW Voucher & T3T/HPW Letterman Jacket

• HPW Perfect Reaction Time
$50.00 CASH
*Perfect Reaction Time must be reached during Qualifying or Eliminations. If not won, prize money will carry over to the next meeting until the jackpot is won.

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