AFR Small Block Chevy Heads

AFR 0916 > Heads Small Block Chevy 180cc CNC Ported 65cc Complete, Pair


Cylinder Heads, Street Porting, Aluminum, Assembled, 65cc Chamber, 180cc Intake, Chevy, Pair

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Product Info


Natural Aluminum

Combustion Chamber

CNC-Machined 65cc

Intake/Exhaust Runner Volume

CNC 180cc Intake, CNC 64cc Exhaust

Intake Port Shape, Location

Rectangular, Standard

Exhaust Port Shape, Location

Square, Raised

Spark Plug Style


Intake/Exhaust Valve Diameter

2.020" Intake, 1.600" Exhaust

Max Valve Lift


Outside Diameter of Outer Spring


Springs Per Valve


Retainer Material

Chromoly Steel

Valve Lock Style

Guideplate Pushrod Size


Valve Cover Bolt Style

Center and Perimeter Bolt

Intake/Exhaust Valve Angle

23° Intake, 23° Exhaust

Valve Guide Material


Valve Seat Material

Ductile Iron

Oiling Style

Through Pushrod


Heads are a L98 based geometry. Not compatible with self-aligning rocker arms. Exhaust port is raised 0.100 in. over stock and is street ported. The included springs are designed for use with most hydraulic roller cams.

Product Description

The 180cc intake port small block Chevy eliminator cylinder heads feature a 65cc combustion chamber with a 64cc exhaust port and a 3/4” thick head deck (ideal for nitrous or blower applications.) Standard valves are lightweight 8mm 2.020 intake and 1.600 exhaust with AFR’s hardened ductile iron interlocking valve seats. The exceptional flow characteristics, ideal operating range of idle to 5500 rpm (higher rpm ranges possible depending on combination of parts), 23° valve angle, and standard valve spacing make this the perfect street aluminum cylinder head for 327 cid to 350 cid engines from 1955-86. Dual valve cover bolt pattern is standard. Exhaust port and bolt pattern are raised 3/32″ over GM L98 cylinder heads, this rarely affects header or chassis fitment.