AFR Big Block Chevy Heads
335cc2000-3580 Chamber

AFR 2001-T > Heads Big Block Chevy 335cc CNC 121cc Ti Retainer, Pair


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Cylinder Heads, Competition Porting, Aluminum, Assembled, 121cc Chamber, 335cc Intake, Titanium Retainers, Chevy, Big Block, Pair

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Product Info


Natural Aluminum

Combustion Chamber

CNC-Machined 121cc

Intake/Exhaust Runner Volume

CNC 335cc Intake, CNC 124cc Exhaust

Intake Port Shape, Location

Rectangular, Standard

Exhaust Port Shape, Location

Round, Standard

Intake/Exhaust Valve Diameter

2.300" Intake, 1.880" Exhaust

Max Valve Lift


Outside Diameter of Outer Spring


Springs Per Valve


Retainer Material


Valve Lock Style


Valve Cover Bolt Style

Perimeter Bolt

Intake/Exhaust Valve Angle

24°/4° Intake, 15°/4° Exhaust

Valve Guide Material


Valve Seat Material

Ductile Iron

Oiling Style

Through Pushrod


1" longer head bolts required on the four bottom exhaust bolt holes. These cylinder heads are competition ported.

Product Description

Heads BBC 335cc CNC 121cc chamber, # 8031 1.625″ 255 lb roller springs .850″ lift, 2.300 11/32 + .250 int / 1.880 11/32 Tulip valves, Titanium 1.500″ retainer Upgrade, 10 deg locks, Sold as Pair