HRC_19xxx5 Gen III Hyd Roller

Howards 190355-12 > Camshaft Chevy LS Gen III Hyd Roller 280/284


Camshaft, Hydraulic Roller Tappet, Advertised Duration 280/284, Lift .625/.625, Chevy, Small Block LS, Each

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Product Info

Cam Style

Hydraulic Flat Tappet

Lifter Style

Hydraulic Flat Tappet

Basic Operating RPM Range

1800-6000 rpm

Advertised Duration

279 Intake / 289 Exhaust

Valve Lift With Factory Rocker Arm Ratio

.465" Intake / .488" Exhaust

Lobe Separation


Gear Attachment


Computer-Controlled Compatible


Valve Springs Required


Cam Description

Fair idle, hot street and mild bracket racing

Product Description

Howards Cams hydraulic roller camshafts are offered in a wide variety of profiles, from mild to wild. These camshafts are precision-ground from race-quality cores, in-house, on dedicated cam-grinding machines. Each Howards Cams hydraulic roller camshaft is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Count on Howards Cams for your vehicle’s hydraulic roller camshaft needs.