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  • AFR / Airflow Research

    AFR / Airflow Research (15)

    AFRFor more than thirty years Airflow Research has been defining technological leadership in cylinder head manufacturing and flow dynamics. This complete commitment to performance has enabled AFR cylinder heads to find themselves on the fastest race cars and the most powerful street machines in the country. As every engine builder will attest to, the secret to increasing horsepower and performance lies in the cylinder head, and Airflow Research's cylinder heads outflow and out horsepower everything in their league.
  • Allstar Performance

    Allstar Performance (15)

    The key to success in any car building project, whether race car, street rod, or street machine, is access to high quality, reasonably priced parts that will get the job done right - the first time. Each and every Allstar part came about as a direct result of their dedication to continuous research and development. Once a need for a particular part is established, the parts are designed and manufactured by talented craftsmen, many of whom are racers and hot rodders themselves. Allstar Performance offers a full line of engine performance parts, suspension components, roll bars and padding, tools, and more. Each product is created with budget in mind, making Allstar one of the most popular brands for grassroots and sportsman racing. Don’t settle for average. Demand Allstar Performance!
  • Altronics

    Altronics (2)

    Altronics inc, established in 1993, is recognized for creating the first solid state and patended air quality computer "PerformAIRE" for the performance racing market. This proven product has established Altonics as a reputable producer of innovative products for the high performance industry. Altronics continues to grow with a product line ranging from a full line of weather monitoring and prediction systems, in-vehicle data recording systems, chassis and drive train reaction timers, practice trees, exhaust gas and infrared temperature meters Because Altronics prides itself on producing products of the highest quality, you an be confident you have made the right choice.
  • Competition Cams

    Competition Cams (2)

    For more than 35 years, the COMP Cams® mission has never changed: to produce the highest-performing products possible, provide customers with superior service, and to lead the industry in technological development. COMP Cams® has never forgotten that performance is defined by results –both at the track and on the street. They spend thousands of hours; whether it's working with a Pro Stock or Sprint Cup team, or putting thousands of grueling miles on one of our pro touring or street/strip components, they test their products in the same places you do. That’s how you know every COMP Cams® product will perform to the highest of standards.
  • CSR Performance Products

    CSR Performance Products (3)

    Rowland Wood and Clyde Beckenbach have been manufacturing high quality, American-made high performance products at CSR Performance Products since 1989. The product line consists of water pumps, cooling products, starters, accessories, transmission shields and more.
  • Dart Machinery

    Dart Machinery (1)

    Many of America’s most successful companies can trace their roots to basements, tool sheds and spare bedrooms. Like Hewlett-Packard, Boeing and Apple Computer, Dart Machinery began in humble surroundings. Richard Maskin founded Dart in 1981 in a two-car garage in Oak Park, MI. Today, Dart is the acknowledged leader in producing race-winning components. “Our engine program and our daily interaction with leading engine builders and winning racers keeps Dart on the leading edge of technology,” Maskin explains. “We apply everything we learn to produce more powerful and more reliable parts for Dart customers.”
  • DJ Safety Equipment

    DJ Safety Equipment (2)

    DJ Safety, Inc. is an engineering and manufacturing corporation which designs and produces safety equipment for a variety of industries including: Aviation, Aerospace, Film, Theme Parks and Racing. The company was founded in 1996 by Navy Lieutenant Commander Joseph Hansen (Retired and his wife Darlene (Deist) Hansen. Their goal was and continues to fill a niche for high-level design engineering applications in specific Industries. In 2000, the company expanded its operations to include the manufacturing arena to complement Joe Hansen’s engineering services. Safety is a major public, commercial and government concern affecting product design, manufacturing and usage. DJ Safety offers a variety of the standard and “made to order” safety products. The company has been successfully designing safety products for 15 years and manufacturing them for 11 years.
  • Eagle Specialty Products

    Eagle Specialty Products (21)

    Ten years prior to Eagle's official opening were spent developing the technology, relationships, and design that has become Eagle Specialty Products, Inc. Eagle formally began business in August of 1992 offering just a couple of part numbers. Eagle's commitment to quality and service has resulted in customer loyalty and satisfaction--This, in turn, has fueled rapid growth over the years. Eagle added crankshafts to their lineup a few years later as well as expanding our offerings in connecting rods. Continuous design improvements and improvements in materials and manufacturing techniques have resulted in Eagle being the largest and most respected aftermarket connecting rod and crank manufacturer in the industry. "We never stop researching ways to make our products lighter, stronger, more efficient to manufacture, and more diverse. When you stop moving forward, you get passed by the competition."
  • Edelbrock Corporation

    Edelbrock Corporation (4)

    It was through the work of one name to which many in the automotive performance industry owe a great debt, and that name is Edelbrock. In 1938, Vic Edelbrock Sr. bought his first project car... a 1932 Ford Roadster. He joined with Tommy Thickstun to design the “Thickstun” manifold for the flathead, and when Vic wasn’t happy with the performance, he designed his own aluminum intake manifold, the "Slingshot”. The 180° manifold used two Stromberg 97 carburetors and was the first product to feature the famous “EDELBROCK” name. Before the war, about 100 of these manifolds were produced. Vic raced and tested his Slingshot on his '32 Ford at Muroc Dry Lake, 80 miles northeast of LA (where Edwards Air Force base is today). The roadster became an important part of Vic's product development. "Proven Performance" is the philosophy that began with Vic Sr. in 1938 and it continues today with the same high standards of performance and quality.
  • High Performance World

    High Performance World (3)

  • Holley Performance Products

    Holley Performance Products (25)

    Holley has been manufacturing fuel systems of all shapes and sizes since 1903. In fact, over 250,000,000 carburetors have been produced over the years for everything from Henry Ford’s original Model A to the baddest factory muscle cars ever to roll out of Detroit. Did you know that Holley supplied over half the carburetors in WWII including not just automobiles, but PT Boats and airplanes? It’s true. No company knows fuel systems like Holley. Today, Holley carburetors continue to be a dominant force in high performance and racing, winning more races than all others combined. Holley carbs have powered every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team and nearly every winning NHRA Pro Stock team since the 1960s and every weekend still today.
  • Howards Cams and Racing Components

    Howards Cams and Racing Components (15)

    Over 65 years of race winning performance! Founded by Howard Johansen as Howard’s Power & Racing Equipment in 1945. Howard and his wife retired in 1965 and turned the business over to his oldest son, Jerry, who ran the company until 1985. Jerry was considered one of the top engine turners of his day, and along with Don Madden, ran a series of “Howard Cams Rattler” and “Howard Cams Special” top fuel cars out of the shop as test beds for new products. Howards Cams always used on track experience to design the most powerful designs. This includes early Top Fuel favorites driven by Jack Chrisman and Larry Dixon Sr. Today they have even a greater group of experienced racers in Circle Track, Drag Racing, Road Race, Mudd Bogg and Marine. Sportsman to Pro. Howards uses all this input, plus the most advance computer design software to design the most competitive race winning products.
  • Milodon

    Milodon (21)

    For 50 years since its founding in 1957, the name Milodon has been synonymous with premium quality racing components. Milodon started with Milo Franklin and Don Alderson, hence the name of MILO-DON. Don was a racer, both at the drag races and the salt flats, and an aerospace engineer. The Dead End Kids, who were the # 1 Top Fuel team in the Northeast in 1965, moved to California and became an instrumental part of Milodon for many years to come. It was this engineering team that developed the major products that Milodon sells today. Main caps, Gear Drives, Oil Pans and Fasteners were designed in an environment were failure was absolutely unacceptable. Milodon has taken its advanced technology to the Sportsman ranks and the street, manufacturing a wide range of race quality products to enhance performance and reliability in all applications.
  • Moroso Performance Products

    Moroso Performance Products (3)

    Moroso was started in 1968 by Dick Moroso, one of the most successful modified production drag racers on record. Dick left his racing career to design, test and manufacture specialized products aimed exclusively at racer's needs. The performance world quickly recognized that Moroso products were a cut above the others because they were designed and built for racers - by a racer! Dick Moroso was responsible for many innovations in the high performance industry. He was instrumental in nurturing the warehouse distribution (WD) network, which became an integral step in supplying the growing number of speed shops appearing in every corner of the country. In addition, Moroso pioneered many racing products including deep-sump oil pans, electric water pumps, tall valve covers, lightweight front drag tires, racing vacuum pumps, and others.
  • MSD Ignition

    MSD Ignition (3)

    Autotronic Controls Corp. (ACC) was founded in 1970 as a research and development company by two engineers from White Sands (New Mexico) Missile Range. The men and their other partners were working on a lean burn fuel system called the Electrasonic Fuel Induction system to help fuel economy of new and older automobiles. As the new fuel system was being perfected, the air/fuel mixture was becoming so lean that it was difficult for conventional breaker points and early electronic ignitions to ignite it. The men of ACC then started investigating a new ignition system by using modern technology called capacitive discharge (CD). The CD design opened another door for the ignition, the capability to spark multiple times.The high energy spark of the CD design combined with multiple sparks resulted in a potent ignition. Not only did the multiple spark discharge (MSD) ignite the lean fuel mixture, it made overall improvements in the engine's performance! Improved starting, smooth idle, less emissions and more power are benefits every car and truck can take advantage of, especially race cars. Professional racers learned of the new MSD quickly and soon word spread throughout the racing world. Since then, MSD Ignition Controls have gone on to be the ignition of choice of the top professional drivers in NHRA, IHRA, NASCAR, World of Outlaws, DIRT, SCORE, IDBA and many more.
  • Quick Fuel Technology

    Quick Fuel Technology (11)

    QFTQuick Fuel Technology, since it’s inception in 1998, has grown exponentially in its 11 years of business culminating into the benchmark by which performance carburetors are measured. Over the years, Quick Fuel Technology has made considerable strides to become a stand-alone carburetor manufacturer. This increase in efficiency and capability has allowed them to continuously upgrade their products while still keeping prices low.
  • RCD / Race Car Dynamics

    RCD / Race Car Dynamics (29)

    Race Car Dynamics began in 1967 in Southern California as a source for original racing products and to benefit the owner in his own racing venture as a car owner/driver. RCD's first product was a Removable Blower Mount Starter for Funny Cars and Dragsters that is still manufactured and sold today - the standard in the industry. "For the past 45 years, RCD has continuously improved racing technology through close connections with our customers as well as the organizations that set the rules. We remain closely aligned with many manufacturers of blocks, heads, cranks, cams and blowers and stay in-tune with the needs of the customer, providing innovative quality precision parts that mate-well with other manufacturer's components."
  • RPC / Racing Power Company

    RPC / Racing Power Company (31)

    RPCRacing Power Company (RPC) was established in 1995 with the goal to provide high quality chrome and aluminum engine dress-up accessories and racing products for the automotive aftermarket industry. RPC carries a wide variety of automotive parts from air cleaners to wire looms. If it goes on the engine, they probably carry it. In addition to engine parts, Racing Power Company also carries a wide range of exterior and interior parts--such items as lights, mirrors, dash knobs and wheel simulators.
  • RPM Performance Products

    RPM Performance Products (1)

    RPM Performance Products was established in 1994. It's sole business is the development of quality electronics for racing. After 10 years of developing products for other companies, RPM is redirecting its efforts in order to bring newly developed products directly to the racer. The staff and associates at RPM bring over 20 years of experience in Data Acquisition in control electronics and software, as well as over 60 years of experience in drag racing, with first hand experience in almost all classes from Super Street to Top Fuel.
  • Strange Engineering

    Strange Engineering (18)

    Strange Engineering has over 40-years of manufacturing experience in the performance industry. They've grown from creating products inside a two car garage in the late 50's to an industry leading manufacturing company housed on a 120,000 square foot site. The family owned business is still based on principles the company was founded on -- quality product, quality service and a true enthusiasm for the performance industry.
  • System-1 Filtration

    System-1 Filtration (19)

    Created by Steve Faria more than 15 years ago, System 1’s complete line of heavy duty and industrial filters has traveled from Tulare, Calif., the heart of the Central Valley, across the globe. System 1 products have been extensively tested in the world’s most demanding environments and used successfully in the racing circuits of NASCAR, Busch Series, NHRA, CART, IRL, Formula 1, World of Outlaws, International Hot Boat Association, Monster Trucks, Off Road and numerous other racing applications. System 1 products are proudly made in the USA! Because System 1 products are reuseable and extend the life of lubricants, oil doesn’t have to be drained as often and these filters don’t end up in landfills. That’s where System 1 users benefit. They no longer have to pay escalating costs for approved disposal of used filters and oil, which are contributing to more costly engine-powered cars and leaving some unlawfully dumping these products.
  • TCI Automotive

    TCI Automotive (1)

    TCIWhen Torque Converters, Inc. first opened its doors in 1968, it was a modest operation dedicated to delivering high performance transmission-related parts to a small group of devout drag racing enthusiasts. From those humble beginnings in Memphis, TN, TCI has grown to be one of the largest and most technologically advanced manufacturers of high performance aftermarket drivetrain products in the world.
  • Total Seal Rings

    Total Seal Rings (9)

    Total SealTotal Seal's facilities house the latest in research and development equipment, manufacturing machinery and technology focusing on developing and manufacturing piston rings for any and all applications. Their advanced manufacturing processes along with the use of aerospace materials and inspection allows for the production of piston rings with the flattest, tightest tolerances available anywhere. It’s a winning formula -- the flatter the ring lays against the piston ring flank, the better it seals; the better it seals, the more power you're going to make.