63 Vette Testing

(Video credit: Flanagan Racing)

First run in the new car with a soft launch and to the 330ft marker, on the gas pedal for 3 seconds with a 1.155 @ 60′, 3.166 @ 330′ with a 5.275 @ 100.31 mph @ the 1/8 mile. Good to get the monkey off my back & get that run on the board.

“Went good, still taking baby steps so that we get down the track on every run and gather as much data as we can.

Had 2 qualifiers and ran 4.64 @ 149mph on the 1st hit, then pulled through the beams on 2nd hit when I hit the trans brake for a 5.378 @ 150.82 mph. Qualified #6 out of 13 Pro Mods in an 8 car field. We ran #3 and left him on the line by a car length & got pipped by a nose on the finish line 4.226 @ 161mph vs 4.562 @ 155mph (.219 the difference on the stripe).

It rained on us twice during Qualifying, the weather was up to shit & our 60’ times were off. If we had more qualifiers we could have got the 60’ times back to 1.05’s and would have made it to round 2. That is racing & we are going to test before the next Texas Outlaw Pro Mods meeting on June 18th & Texas Raceway.”

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